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    The saxophone can purr like a cat or roar like a lion.

    Can you tame this beast? We are going to help you master the instrument and get to understand all its quirks and foibles.

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Learn about the saxophone: how to start out if you are a beginner or how to improve if you already more advanced. Learn how to speed up your fingering, control your tone and gain versatility. Find out about extending your range into the stratosphere with altissimo or how to amaze your friends, family and neighbours with special effects. You can also learn the nitty gritty about jazz theory, improvisation and composing. Saxophone Tutorials Help other people: You can buy any of our saxophone products and know you are contributing to a good cause. All profit from the Fundraising store is donated to charity – we have raised £50,000 to date and currently we are buying music and dance equipment for children with severe learning disabilities. Fundraising Information

Pete Thomas

Pete is a professional session player and TV/Film composer who has featured and recorded for REM, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Richard Thompson, Fats Domino, Jimmy Witherspoon and many more. For more info see Pete Thomas Biography Pete is the author of Taming The Saxophone CafeSaxophone ForumMedia Music Forum and Saxophone Teachers Directory

“Thanks for your Taming the Saxophone book. Lots of great stuff for both myself and my students – I sure wish I’d had the book fifteen years ago!” – Dan Forshaw

What you can buy:

Pete devised and presented a saxophone instruction DVD for Virgin Music (over 20,000 copies sold worldwide). You can also buy his hand made mouthpieces, CDs, sheet music and the now infamous Taming the Saxophone books of saxophone techniques. To the Music Store

This is one of the biggest, liveliest and friendliest online forums. It’s a meeting place for players and enthusiasts from beginners to advanced. Here you can read or chat about saxophones, find out about the latest news and contribute to the community. You can just say a quick “hello” or ask about something that’s been nagging you (no question too stupid!). Or you can help others by sharing your saxophone experiences or by writing an article.


All proceeds from products and advertising revenue from these sites is donated to charity, helping disabled musicians. Please take the time to watch this video to see how worthwhile it is to help with the fundraising. Over £50,000 raised so far.


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See our UK Saxophone Teachers & Lessons directory

  • Pete’s Music

    To date Pete has recorded four of his own CDs, the latest – It’s Christmas! – scheduled for release in December. Yes! – the much awaited Christmas Card CD featuring, as usual, some very special guests including Annie Whitehead and ... Read more…
  • R & B Saxophone Players

    More R& B on the site Rhythm and Blues Saxophone Playing | Blues Transcriptions These biographies, photos and soundclips include all the influential rhythm and blues saxophone players of the 40s and 50s. Some of these are jazz players who contributed significantly ... Read more…
  • Learn to Play Saxophone

    OK, I’ve begged, borrowed or stolen one, how do I learn to play saxophone? This article tells you what you need to know to get started – fingering a few notes, making a sound and playing your first tune. Read more…
  • Saxophone Tone Exercises

    Exercises for Tone & Sound Most saxophone players aim for a sound that is either what is accepted as a good sound for a particular style, or else a unique and personal sound, sometimes with a combination of the two. Assuming that you ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Articulation & Tonguing

    Tonguing The word articulation refers to the way wind players use their tongue (or not) as part of musical phrasing and the first thing I’m going to say about this may sound a bit odd: you don’t start the note with your tongue. What ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Altissimo

    Big & Bad Showgirls Mango Banana Download PDF of alto and tenor altissimo fingering chart The altissimo range of the saxophone consists of many notes higher than the “standard” range that is taught in elementary and intermediate stages of learning (up to F or F# ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Growl

    Growling Before we get down to the nitty gritty of actually learning to growl, you need to listen and learn from some of the great proponents. This was originally one of the many saxophone effects often used as a novelty. Apart from ... Read more…
  • Jazz Theory For Beginners

    Here is a very simple lesson in the beginnings of harmony. It assumes you know some major scales and how they are made up of whole tones and half tones Chords As you probably know, there are 7 notes in a major ... Read more…
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