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Can they really be free?

Yes. There is a lot of free stuff scattered throughout the site, in this section we have some mp3 downloads, backing tracks and sheet music for your enjoyment and education. There is a donation button (hint hint) but fair enough, if you don’t have a lot of money right now, then there is no pressure or expectation to donate. But do let me know if you find the stuff useful, and please tell others about the site – it all helps.

Free playalongs, audio files and sheet music

We happily offer many free resources on this site. All we ask is that if you want to share any of these, rather than distribute them yourself you refer people back to these pages. If you enjoy the resources and feel like making a donation of any size to help with our fundraising in aid of music education for children with special needs, please see here

Copyright stuff

These are free but they are still copyright. You may use them for your own personal use but please don’t redistribute these in any form, either giving away, selling or lending. Please refer your students, friends etc. to this site if they want the tracks. This doesn’t stop you from recording your solos over them and uploading to Youtube etc. but if you do please credit me and let me know.

Beginners Starter Pack

Get the free PDF sampler (see below) or buy the complete PDF starter pack along with taming The Saxophone vol1 and the Beginners’ DVD

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Free version sampler (approx half the material)

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All About Chords and Scales PDF

Have you ever heard people talking about chords wondered how you play chords on the saxophone? This PDF demystifies the process and explains just a little bit of the theory: the beginnings of the journey towards being able to stand up and improvise in front of people.

Chord Scale Reference Chart

See how each chord relates to the scale of the key (the circled notes are the chord tones). The free PDF download includes this handy chart of how chords relate to several scales including major, harmonic minor, melodic minor and natural minor, the full version includes them in all 12 keys.

chord scales
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Buy All 80 mp3 backing tracks: (Sheet music is mostly not included, for copyright reasons) Free Sampler (13 tracks) on the Download page

Climb Every Mountain in C
Lets Fall in Love in C
We’ve Only Just Begun in Eb
You Belong to Me in B
Black Orpheus in C
Cantaloupe Island in C
Midnight Jazz in Eb min
Theme for Ernie in Ab
Nica’s Dream in C
Always on my Mind (alto) in C
Harlem Nocturne in C with intro
Naima in Ab

Crazy in Eb
Me and Mrs Jones in C and Db
The Midnight Sun Will Never Set in Ab
Stranger on The Shore in F
The Dolphin
Blues in Bb
Blues in G

In Your Own Sweet Way (100) mp3
In Your Own Sweet Way (140) mp3
In Your Own Sweet Way solo mp3
In Your Own Sweet Way pdf file

The solo has been transposed for tenor/ Bb instruments, the backing track is in Eb.

Nature Boy in C
My One And Only in Eb
Work Song in Ab
Alfie in C
Harlem Nocturne in C
Round Midnight in Ebmin
Theme For Ernie in Ab
Tears In Heaven in A
Tears In Heaven(lite) in A
Wonderful Tonight in G
Wonderful Tonight(internet) in G

Can’t Help Falling In Love in Db
Something Funky
Emily in Ab
BariWalk in Eb
Full House(Ab)
Easy Living(Eb)
When Sunny Gets Blue(Eb)
Changes pdf
Changes(2) mp3
1 O’clock(t) pdf
1 O’clock(t) mp3

1 O’clock(a) pdf
1 O’clock(a) mp3

All the things you are(Ab)
Chan’s Song (Eb)
Groove Merchant (Bb)

Along Came Betty
Blue Bossa
Bossa Antigua
Bouncing With Bud
Cantaloupe Island
Dancing on The Ceiling
End Of The World
Goodbye Mr Evans
I Remember Clifford
I Fall in Love too Easily
Infant Eyes
Let’s Cool One
Lets Fall In Love
O Morro Nao Tem Vez (Getz)
Out of NoWhere
Over the Rainbow (Reggae)
Petite Fleure
Shining Hour
The Dolphin
The Peacocks
Tour De Force
Walkin’ Shoes
Watermelon man
We’ve Only Just Begun
Where is the Love

Buy All 80 mp3 backing tracks:

(Sheet music is mostly not
included, for copyright reasons)

Free Sampler (13 tracks) on the Download page

Dorian Mode Backing Tracks

The dorian mode is a great mode for learning to improvise. These tracks have only one or two chords. You can either improvise using the chords or else just use the scales and your ears to work out what notes sound good. Try using a few minor penatonics and blues scales or more “out” notes for interest. (The major 7 can sound cool if you use it either for tension or to resolve up into to root.

Smoothdaddy – jazz dorian mode in Bbm


Instrument Chords
Concert pitch (Bbm7 – Eb7)
Eb instrument (Gm7 – C7)
Bb Instruments) (Cm7 – F7)

The Love Groove

Dorian in Cm. The bass stays around the C, but the chords are Cm7 – F7 but you can think of it as just Cm7


Instrument Chords
Concert pitch (Cm7 – F7)
Eb instruments (Am7 – D7)
Bb Instruments (Dm7 – G7)

Dorian G – Smoothfunk dorian in G

Dorian in G

Instrument Chords
Concert pitch (Gm7 – C7)
Eb instruments (Em7 – A7)
Bb Instruments (Am7 – D7)

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Smooth EP


These three are from many years ago in a sort of smooth jazz style but with some variations from the genre as they were originally composed for TV/Film soundtrack themes. They loosely fit into the  genre and are great fun to play.

Included in the download is sheet music for Eb, Bb and C instruments and a backing track for Touche. More backing tracks are on the way so watch this space!

Touche has a kind of Jazz/Indie Hip Hop beat with some tasty guitar licks from Paul Stacy and a nice lazy relaxed feel.


Syndrome is a more angular M base feel with synth stabs and some surprise modulations.


Mr Nice is more in the typical 80s style.

Mr Nice

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