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Taming two saxophones

Over 100 tutorials, resource pages and exercises for beginners to advanced.

Learn how to speed up your fingering, control your tone and gain versatility. We show you how to truly tame the saxophone! Extend your range into the stratosphere with altissimo. Amaze your friends, family and neighbours with cool tunes and special effects.

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Pete Thomas

Pete Thomas
Pete is a professional session player and TV/Film composer who has featured and recorded for REM, Elton John, Joe Jackson, Richard Thompson, Fats Domino, Jimmy Witherspoon.

He has been taming wild saxophones for 30 years and shows you how to start out if you are a beginner, or how to improve if you are already more advanced. View more…


Our very lively international discussion and chat forum where saxophone players come to meet and greet, ask questions, give advice, have a laugh.You can just say a quick “hello” or ask about something that’s been nagging you. Somebody in the Café will be able to help.
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We have raised over £90,000 in the last 10 years, for which I’d like to heartily thank everyone who has donated or bought something from the store. All profits are donated towards special needs music programmes.Fundraising Info

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Pete devised and presented a saxophone instruction DVD for Virgin Music (over 20,000 copies sold worldwide). You can also buy his hand made mouthpieces, CDs, sheet music and the now infamous Taming the Saxophone books of saxophone techniques.

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