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  • Books, DVD, CDs & Mouthpieces
    All the profit from sales at Taming The Saxophone and Cafe Saxophone is donated to charity. We are now making more than £10,000 a year from our fundraising, a big thanks to everyone Where Your Money Goes Enquiries Terms & The post Books, DVD, CDs & Mouthpieces appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
    In the Beginners section: In the Beginners Impro Section: The How, Why, What and Wheres of the Saxophone If you have any questions, please ask. The only stupid question is the one you are too scared to ask. The Cafe The post (BEGINNERS SAXOPHONE) appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Fundraising on the Site
    All the profits from direct sales at TamingTheSaxophone is donated to various charities or special needs educational establishments. Also, all profits received by us from affiliate sales is also donated We have raised over £70,000 in the last 10 years, for which The post Fundraising on the Site appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Beginners’ Impro TTS Vol 2
    In this section of the site we expand on some of the material in the book, Taming The Saxophone vol2.  Some of the pages in this section of the site include the basic sheet music of the tunes, ie “leadsheets” The post Beginners’ Impro TTS Vol 2 appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Chords For Beginners
    Here is a very simple lesson in the beginnings of harmony. As you probably know, there are 7 notes in a major scale. In C these are C, D, E, F, G, A and B. We number these 1 to 7, often with roman numerals instead of note names, which makes it easier to think […]
  • Rock & Blues
    Rock & Roll (& Blues) for Beginners I Although you might think that theory and rock or blues playing don’t have much in common, it’s surprising how useful a bit of basic music training can be when learning any style The post Rock & Blues appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Chords and Numerals
    If you have read part 1 of TTS vol 2 you should know how we use different types of numbers to help us understand about chords and chord sequences. This page gives you a visual explanation/reminder of the relationship between the The post Chords and Numerals appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Special Chords
    We will call these “special chords” as they don’t quite fit into the method of chord construction we have learned so far, but really they aren’t that special so don’t be scared of them. Up until now we have been The post Special Chords appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Voicing & Inversions
    A quick recap about chords We learned in the book that chords are two or more notes played together. We know how chords are constructed, that they are derived from scales by counting up alternate notes: 1 – 3 – The post Voicing & Inversions appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
  • Impro Exercises
    Minor Chords Im IVm & Vm (Gorilla) This exercise looks at how to work on the key scale and chords for the first tune in the Volume 2,  Gorilla. You can take two approaches to this: Key Scale only – The post Impro Exercises appeared first on Taming The Saxophone.
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