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Jools Holland “Music Makers” Saxophone Instruction DVD

Devised and presented by Pete Thomas, this has been described as “basically, the best saxophone instruction DVD out there…” – Phill Straker,

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This DVD is aimed at complete beginners, but can be very useful for the first two or more years of playing. Pete has recorded with artists such as REM, Elton John, Joe Jackson and many more. He worked as a teacher of saxophone, composition and jazz/pop performance at Southampton University Music Department from 1999 – 2002 and is now working full-time as a TV and film music composer. He devised and presented the Jools Holland Music Makers series saxophone instruction video which is now released on DVD. This is available worldwide (currently being translated into Chinese) and is for beginners who want to learn the saxophone in a lighthearted but very practical way.

It’s geared towards pop, rock and blues saxophone playing, but is also useful if you want to learn to play in many other styles. Learning can be fun!. All of the online saxophone tuition resources and exercises can be used along with the instruction DVD. In this program, he introduces beginners to the alto saxophone: the parts of the saxophone and how to assemble them, fitting the reed, posture and breathing, saxophone embouchure, holding and blowing into the saxophone, tuning, fingering, notes and intervals, tonguing and slurring, bending notes and vibrato, the rudiments of reading music and keeping time, scales, triad arpeggios, how to improvise simple songs, and playing the blues.


This is a PAL all region DVD. It should work on a computer with DVD drive anywhere in the world. It may not be compatible with some US DVD players which are NTSC only, but I have heard from many US customers more and more that US DVD players will play PAL. Please note we have only tested the DVD by playing on DVD systems or playing on computers with standard DVD playing software. We cannot guarantee that files extracted (ripped) from the DVD will play successfully. Sharing of copied DVDs or ripped files is illegal.


The lessons on the DVD are demonstrated on the alto saxophone. It can be used to learn other saxophones, the fingering is the same, the concept behind tone production is the same, but the notes will not be at the same pitch. The DVD is aimed at beginners but contains material that should last you quite a long time. Music for the playalongs in Bb (for tenor or soprano saxophone) is included as a download PDF

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