Tips 3: Low Bb to B Trill

Low Bb trill - not so easy?
“Easy!” I hear you say! Go on then finger bottom Bb, then trill to B.

To trill the impossible trill…

Not so easy, eh? Maybe you got a bit smug because now you can do the altissimo trill F to G.

But the Bb to B trill is impossible in most cases without knowing this nifty little trick, or having a bionic pinky finger in your left hand.

So without further ado, here it is – the moment you’ve been waiting for = the Low Bb to B trill

Which saxophones can I do the low Bb trill on

Sadly this trick won’t work on instruments with bell keys on the left, which includes vintage Conns and Bueschers. 🙁 It should be easy enough on any alto or tenor with bell keys on the right, and depending on the size of your hand and fingers the trill works well on baritone saxophone.

It will probably be impossible on a straight soprano, as it relies on the bell keys to be close enough to your right hand, but should be OK on curved sopranos.


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