Grafton Acrylic alto saxophone VGC

£2,900.00 ex VAT

This is much rarer than the average rare Grafton because it has received a full overhaul from Stephen Howard. Very few sax techs are able to work with these, even if they dare to. No cracks, original lacquer in great condition.

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Not often you see one of this in this condition. Many people would probably call this “almost mint”, but you can see a few minor little things and as I’m scrupulously aware that the word mint means brand new, still in its wrapping, that many people throw that term around when they shouldn’t.

But this is in very good nick, and that makes it rare. The slightest ding in a brass horn can be invisibly repaired. The slightest ding in a Grafton alto means a big nasty crack.

That’s what makes this Grafton so rare – it has no actual damage beyond some teeny lacquer spots on some keys.

Grafton front view

I had the pads replaced, not because they were old (they were almost new looking) but because Stephen Howard persuaded me to (he will deny that) as the originals are a bit on the soft side. And he was right, it plays and feels better than any other Grafton I have tried

Grafton back view
Some of the original pads are still there in the case compartment.

It has the original white Dearman mouthpiece (which has a crack) and the ligature and mouthpiece cap with the beautiful copper coloured lacquer to match the horn.

Original brown Dallas case in very good condition.

I have had several Graftons and love them. I bought this one mostly as a collectible, but I did play it on sessions, hence the pad job. Some people might say a collector would insist on original pads but I don’t see why – I’m not trying to pretend it is mint – just in unbelievably beautiful condition.

The price reflects what I paid for it plus the cost of repadding by Stephen Howard. Will I accept offers? Not initially but may do after a while. It’s the sort of thing I’d rather keep than let go of to be honest.

and comparison with Buescher:


Case for Grafton

Grafton right hand stack