Ligature for PPT Mouthpiece


We are able to supply various ligatures which we know are a good fit for PPT mouthpieces, however there are plenty of other models that that can be used. (See below for list of known recommended ligatures).

Note that when we are out of stock, it is best to order your ligature elsewhere as it can take some time for our ligature stock to be replenished.

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Sorry, we are unable to stock ligatures right now (just have a few soprano ligs left)

Recommended for PPT:

  • Marc Jean Ligatures (contact manufacturer for exact PPT models)
  • Baritone: (Rovner Bass Clarinet Dark 3RL or Light L10)
  • Baritone: GF bass clarinet 05M BGG 13
  • Tenor HD Resin(or custome Onyxite): (Rovner Star HR tenor SS-2R)
  • Tenor Metal: (Rovner Metal bari/tenor L13)
  • Alto 5* & 6**: Any HR alto ligature (e.g. Rovner Star SS-1RL )
  • Alto 8* Hooligan: Any Bb clarinet ligature

Note that the recommended Rovner baritone ligatures are actually made for bass clarinet – these fit best.

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Soprano 2 screw, Alto 2 screw