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  • Cane Reeds for Saxophone

    Cane Reeds  Synthetic Reeds The 5 Best Cane Reed Tips: Don’t be afraid of using soft reeds:  It is a myth that you need to play a hard reed to be a good player. While a hard reed can make it seem easier ... Read more…
  • Synthetic Saxophone Reeds

    Cane Reeds  Synthetic Reeds Synthetic mouthpieces, so why not synthetic reeds? Traditionally woodwind instruments such as the clarinet used mouthpieces made from wood in combination with cane reeds. A big problem was always that natural products such as wood and cane were ... Read more…
  • When to Change a Reed

    When should you change a reed? Cane Reeds are extremely annoying. They are sent here to try our patience in more ways than one: You buy a box of reeds and it’s often the luck of the draw whether all, some, or ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Ligatures

    The Best Way to Hold a Reed On What does a ligature do? A ligature clamps the reed to the mouthpiece. Think of this a bit like when you hold a ruler on the edge of a table and flick the bit ... Read more…
  • Review: Saxophone Straps

    Keep Your Saxophone Round Your Neck! Disclaimer: all products on this page have been supplied to me  as free review  samples. What makes a good saxophone strap/sling/holder? Cebulla   Jazzlab Saxholder   Birdstrap   BA Sling   The most important thing on any saxophone strap ... Read more…
  • DIY Saxophone Clipon Microphone

    Not just a cheap, it sounds good! Ingredients to make your own clipon microphone Realistic 33-1063 Electret Tie Pin Microphone (Radio Shack, Tandy, poss. Maplins) Deluxe Clothes peg Two small self tapping screws Strip of metal, e.g. brass, approx 8″ x 1/4″ Drill Self amalgamating tape (or improvise ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Stands

    Keep Your Horn in One Piece! Saxophone stands are more important than you might think. I learnt this as a guitarist, when my 3-year-old decide to walk into a cheap guitar stand. Problem was that the stand was holding an expensive ... Read more…
  • Sound Enhancing Products

    We know that apart from the actual saxophone, mouthpieces and reeds can make a difference to your sound. Many people think that ligatures, thumbrests, straphooks and other accessories also make a difference. When I first heard about these I must ... Read more…
  • Deflector (Review)

    This is an amazingly simple concept which I’m very pleased to see available from the well established and highly reputable company from Switzerland, Jazzlabs. The reason I’m happy to see it made by Jazzlabs is that their products are all ... Read more…
  • The Sound Snake

    Over the last few years we have seen a multitude of so-called sound enhancing accessories, from the Swing Chip to the leFreque, the Klangbogen to the Heavy Mass Neck Screw. Do they work or is it all in the mind? Placebo ... Read more…


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