Intro: Fingering Exercises (Vol 3)

Taming The Saxophone vol 3

110 pages of exercises, patterns, scales, licks etc.  for intermediate to advanced players. Check out the examples in this section

“Thanks for your Taming the Saxophone book. Lots of great stuff  for both myself and my students – I sure wish I’d had the book fifteen years ago!” – Dan Forshaw

Taming The Saxophone – a great book, I use it every day to keep the chops in order” – Bobby Wellins

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Warming up, playing faster and playing more creatively

In this section you can see many of the exercises and patterns presented in Taming The Saxophone volume III. We start off with a wonderful daily warmup exercise and then progress through different types of  fingering patterns and licks for jazz, blues and rock playing.

Why is it important to warm up first?

This first of exercise will get your fingers loosened up. Just like an athlete, it is best to stretch your muscles before sprinting. However, this is not only a physical (fingering) exercise but it is also great at focussing your mind so that you are practising thoughtfully, not just fingering “muscle memory.” This exercise will also help you think about some of basic chords that we use for improvising, and how they fit in with the scales and arpeggio practise.

Timing and Articulation.

All throughout, I am going to emphasise the importance of playing evenly – many people start to play fast before they can play a an even tempo, which results in sloppy timing. Just as a drummer practises rolls very slowly to begin with to make sure the strokes are even, that is what we need to do on the saxophone.

Even when you have progressed quite a way through the exercises at a good tempo, the warmup exercises are great to get you (and keep you) grounded and focussed.

Scale resources

Download Saxophone Scales PDF

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