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I have designed and developed all the online saxophone exercises, tutorials and lessons in this section over many years both as a professional recording musician and as a teacher at Southampton University, and have used these exercises as part of a regular practice routine.

The exercises are aimed towards jazz and blues playing, but are still very useful for other styles, whether it’s free jazz, smooth jazz, classical, funk, pop, rock & roll and r ’n’ b. The tone and effects section is useful for all styles. I hope you find these lessons and tutorials useful.

We look at almost every conceivable area of learning the saxophone, if I’ve missed anything out please feel free to let me know – I’m always open to suggestions.

In the Beginners Saxophone Section:

+ More beginner stuff in the main Theory/Impro section:

In the Tone Section

Tone and sound are crucial for being able to play expressively, so we take an in-depth look at the techniques involved. Tone production exercises have always been thought of as especially boring – even if you dedicate a lot of time to long notes, unless your mind is focussed on what you are doing then much of the practise time is wasted. We look at how to keep the tone practise efficient and interesting.

The full set of these is included in the book  Taming The Saxophone Vol I – Tone without Tears

In the Fingering Exercises Section

This section of the site includes many online extracts from the book Taming The Saxophone vol III. These are mostly the exercises that I have been practising every day since I became a professional player. Some come from books but most are things shown me by other players, i.e. they are the most useful things to practise to get your fingers around the horn and to get an understanding of how scales, chords and other aspects of music theory fit into your playing and help with general technique as well as improvising.

The full set of these exercises, in all keys where appropriate,  is included in the book  Taming The Saxophone Vol III

In the Saxophone Effects section

The saxophone is capable of so many special effects, it’s vital to include them in your repertoire. This help to express music as well as keep it interesting and sometimes humourous. We cover most effects from note bending, the growl, fluttertongue and how to make the saxophone laugh.


Teacher ConnectOur directory SaxophoneTeachers Directory is moving to Teacher Connect , a new directory on CafeSaxophone to help students find teachers, and teachers find students. This is an international forum where you can find teachers locally, or who teach via Skype or Facetime.


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  • Saxophone & flute lessons, London (North and Central)
    Hi! I have been a professional musician for over 40 years, and teaching saxophone and flute for the last 20 years. I have worked all over the world, doing sessions and with bands in many styles and genres. My lessons are tailor-made for each individual student, with an emphasis on jazz improvisation and having fun. […]
  • Alison Diamond Saxophone Lessons in Manchester
    I teach Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone from beginner through to advanced level and specialise in Jazz improvisation. My students range in age from youngsters to retired people and can also offer online options for students outside my area. If people wish to take exams I can tutor for ABRSM grades. I am an experienced […]
  • Teacher, specialist in rock & pop techniques Hertfordshire
    I am a session, recording musician teacher who specialises in rock and pop sound techniques and soloing but I cover all genres and styles. 07913 661051 www.davsax.com
  • Teacher in East London
    A lifetime passion for music to be transmitted to my students "Like a child with a pencil can make a drawing, it is my opinion that few notes are enough to start making music" More info on my website
  • Teacher in Barnsley
    I give lessons in the barnsley, can travel further afiled by arrangement
  • Teacher in Greenock / Port Glasgow / Paisley areas?
    Please can anyone recommend a teacher in the scenic but saxophonic wasteland 'doon the watter' to the west of Glasgow. The local music shop tells me the one and only sax teacher in the area died a few years ago. (Bands also appear thin on the ground. I blame the bagpipes)
  • London, Carshalton area - Any local tutor?
    Hi, I am just starting on the alto and I was looking for a few lessons with a tutor to set me on the right path with the embochure and the basics. Unfortunately I cannot afford regular lessons, as I already spend a lot on lessons for my child, but I guess a few lessons, […]
  • Teacher in the vicinity of Canterbury, UK
    Hello, guys. I am a beginner and I would really use a couple of lessons to put me on the right track. I have an alto sax and I feel like I've reached a dead end. I think I sounded better at the beginner and now is just getting worse I live in Canterbury, but […]
  • Seeking a teacher for Alto
    Hi all, Following a successful panto season (backstage, I hasten to add!) I have been given some Royal reeds as a gift, as opposed to the standard Ricos I have been buying one at a time since I bought my alto a year ago ... Playing has been haphazard though I have got back into […]
  • Teacher: North Shropshire / Cheshire / N. Staffs / N Wales ish
    I'm feeling the need for more sax lessons. The teacher I had was a woodwind tech and he lost access to the facilitiy he used for teaching. For once, I would like a musical activity to not be an hour's drive away... If I draw a 25 mile radius circle around me it would cover […]
  • Recommended teacher Wigan area
    Any recommendations for a good alto sax teacher North West England. I live in Wigan but willing to travel for the right teacher to set me on the right path
  • Teacher.. jazz..Manchester/High Peak area?
    Just wondered if anyone knew of a good Jazz Tenor Sax teacher in the Manchester or High Peak area? Could be either as i live in the High Peak and work in Salford Quays. I do have a local teacher at the moment but ts becoming very hard to get regular lessons with her due […]
  • Teacher wanted wolverhampton area
    Hi anyone know of a sax tacher Wolverhampton surrounding area,willing to travel 20 mile plus,i lready have a excellent teacher,who plays pro,but I think through my part have become stale to the point of giving up,have been playing now for about 10 years,taken grades but done nothing else,Just think if saw different teacher may give […]
  • Can anyone suggest a tutor in the Leeds area?
    Hi, Can anyone suggest a sax tutor in the Leeds area (W. Yorks)? I'm an adult beginner on alto sax but played clarinet to grade 5 many moons ago. I seem fine on the fingerings (also play recorder which is a big help for sax fingerings) and my music reading and theory are ok, its […]
  • Teachers in the Portsmouth Area
    I am moving from Warwickshire to Emsworth,Hampshire very shortly and will be looking for a new teacher. Someone who has the patience to persevere with a 65+year old(somehow it doesn't sound as bad as 66) plodder on Alto. Grateful for any recommendations for teachers in the Emsworth,Havant, Portsmouth area Thanks David
  • Sax teacher in Northamptonshire
    Hi Folks I am looking for a good sax teacher in the Northamptonshire area. It's for an old student of mine who lives over that way. The student is 15 and just passed his ABRSM grade 8, loves to improvise and wants to continue making progress. Does anyone know of any suitable teachers please. I […]
  • Teacher - South Manchester, England?
    I've had my alto for 6 weeks now and have put off getting a teacher, for fear of getting the wrong one, I guess. I live just South West of Manchester in Urmston, handy for the M60, so can get to many places quite quickly outside of rush hours. 1) I've found a teacher called […]
  • Sax teacher need in Southsea/Portsmouth
    Hi I'm looking for some one to one sax tuition in Southsea/Portmouth. I am a beginer and would like an half hour or even an hour depending on price, every week. I usually have plenty of time for practice being semi retired. Ian
  • Sax Teacher
    Hi,anyone know of a sax teacher 15-20 mile of wolverhampton area,someone who can teach grades and preferably teach alto,tenor,sop.Looking for someone reliable and,not hit and miss.Be good if someone was actually playing in a band at moment. Looking for fortnightly or monthly meets,depending on work.My music pref is soul,motown,jazz,swing.Thanks Bumnote.
  • Recommend a teacher - London, Jazz Grades
    Perhaps best dealt with by PM. Apologies if this controvenes any rules. If anyone can recommend a teacher in London, with experience of working with ABRSM or Guildhall Jazz grades please shoot me a PM with their details. Thanks
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