Saxophone Players

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  • Jazz Tenor

    Biographies of some of the best and most significant tenor saxophone players in the history of the saxophone. Coleman Hawkins, Lucky Thompson, Lester Young… Read more…
  • R & B Saxophone Players

    These biographies, photos and soundclips include all the influential rhythm and blues saxophone players of the 40s and 50s. Some of these are jazz players who contributed significantly to the development of blues saxophone, others are hardcore bar walking “screamers and honkers.” Enjoy learning about this colourful era of the saxophone. Read more…
  • Lee Allen

    by Nick Pentelow First published by Saxophone Journal. Unedited original interview and later additions published here with the kind permission of the author, Nick Pentelow. How do you get to speak to your hero and assail him for three hours with the kind of trivial questions that heroes surely get asked every day? The answer is: you become a music journalist. This was the ... Read more…
  • King Curtis

    This is a transcription of the King Curtis track Hungover. F# is often thought of as a difficult key to play on saxophone, but a very important one if you play in blues, rock or R & B bands as concert E is a very popular key for guitarists. Hungover   Read more…
  • Saxophone Blues Transcriptions

    How do you learn to play a good blues solo? Also see Why You Shouldn’t Transcribe Some people think blues playing and improvising is easy: just learn a couple of minor blues scales and play them over the chords. Well, this approach can work when you are starting out. It will sound OK and at least give you the confidence to stand ... Read more…
  • Sax On The Web Blues

    This was a project started a few years ago on the SaxOnTheWeb forum. Players were given a backing track and asked to play just one chorus of blues. These were then compiled and mixed into one soundfile. This became so popular we then went on to rounds 2, 3, etc. For more info see SOTW Blues Thread on Sax On The Web To take ... Read more…

Saxophone Players
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