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Is the teacher a great player?


A good teacher is not necessarily a great player, and conversely a great player could be a lousy teacher. The important thing is not just that the teacher can communicate, but that they communicate with you. Some teachers may be good with children, others with adults. First impressions are often very important – hopefully you will know quickly if you get on with the teacher as a person.

This is an even more important consideration if you are looking for a teacher for your child as you may need to make the decision on behalf of your son or daughter.

Are they reliable?

Many teachers are also working professional musicians. That is obviously not a bad thing, but it does mean they may need to reschedule at short notice. If this is likely to happen, make sure the teacher has a reasonable attitude and also allows you some flexibility, and that you both know the ground rules for postponements.

Does the teacher encourage  you to learn to teach yourself?

When I worked as a teacher, this was always one of my pet topics. I believe a good teacher will show you how to work things out for yourself, and teach you to become independent so that eventually they become redundant. Many teachers may find this a bit odd, that they are working at becoming obsolete, however this is  far better for you than the teacher who just sees you as a source of income rather than a person with a talent to be nurtured.

Saxophone Teacher Connect

Teacher ConnectOur directory is moving to Teacher Connect , a new directory on CafeSaxophone to  help students find teachers, and teachers find students. This is an international forum where you can find teachers locally, or who teach via Skype or Facetime.


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  • Seeking a Tenor Sax Instructor for returning player
    Hey Everyone, As the title says, I'm looking for an instructor to help me get back into playing sax. Here's some short background: I started playing Alto when I was in the 4th grade and played consistently through high school, taking lessons all the way through as well. I was considered a very advanced player […]
    Hello!! my name is Manu Brazo and I am classical saxophone soloist. I am mainly a performer although I love teaching! View: View: I have been teaching for the last 4 years one to one lessons and groups of all levels and I... Read more
  • Saxophone, Clarinet and Flute teacher available for online lessons via Zoom
    Hi there, my name is Andy Liddell and I’m a musician and music teacher (teaching saxophone, clarinet, flute and music theory/composition). I’ve been teaching for around 10 years now - up until recently I was doing most of my teaching in person, but I’m now just in the process of making the transition into teaching […]
  • Looking for alto sax + clarinet teacher (Yorkshire)
    Hi all, I'm looking for a Yorkshire-based teacher for alto saxophone, and clarinet as well ideally. I'm at an advanced level on clarinet, but have never had a very nice tone so suspect my embouchure needs attention. I've also started learning alto sax now but am very concerned to get the technique right from the […]
  • Teacher in Highlands?
    Hello all, Am looking for a teacher in north west highlands of Scotland. I live in Mallaig and there is next to no woodwind players here at all. I have had a couple of lessons with a teacher not too far away but she is often busy with full time piano teaching, I think I […]
  • Saxophone Teacher, Andover Hampshire
    I deliver peripatetic saxophone, flute, clarinet and piano lessons in and around the Andover area. All levels and ages taught. I offer a bespoke service right in the comfort of your own home. Please visit or search for Storm Dynamics Music School on Facebook. I have been teaching for over ten years both in […]
  • Darlington Teachers??
    im looking to find a teacher in the darlington area if anyone knows anyone?
  • Saxophone Teacher, Isle of Wight
    Hi one and All I am an experienced Saxophone teacher based in Shanklin, on the Isle of Wight. I have been playing Saxophone for 40 years and teaching full time for the last 13 years. I spent 17 yeas in the Army as a saxophonist, playing all over the world. I now play in Big […]
  • Teacher Wanted
    Hartford (Glastonbury, specifically) CT area. I’m an old guy; go easy on me (lol)
  • Teacher wanted
    Hi all im after an alto sax tutor in london uxbridge area
  • Saxophone teacher. Trowbridge. Area.
    An absolute beginner. Would love to learn the saxophone.
  • Personal Teacher wanted in Manhattan for Adult Beginner. UES Location
    Canceled! I seem to be in the wrong country!!
  • TEACHING: Simon Spillett
    Hi, It's been a long time since I last posted anything here, so apologies if I've popped up in the wrong category! I'm posting details flagging up my teaching. If you're interested, please do get in touch. Best Wishes Simon Spillett Winner of a clutch of awards for his music (Top Tenor in the 2011 […]
  • Saxophone
    Hi I have just started out and am looking to meet others to practice with , if there any others who meet up on a regular basis I would like to hear from you , I live within the South East London
  • Saxophone & flute lessons, London (North and Central)
    Hi! I have been a professional musician for over 40 years, and teaching saxophone and flute for the last 20 years. I have worked all over the world, doing sessions and with bands in many styles and genres. My lessons are tailor-made for each individual student, with an emphasis on jazz improvisation and having fun. […]
  • Alison Diamond Saxophone Lessons in Manchester
    I teach Tenor, Alto and Soprano Saxophone from beginner through to advanced level and specialise in Jazz improvisation. My students range in age from youngsters to retired people and can also offer online options for students outside my area. If people wish to take exams I can tutor for ABRSM grades. I am an experienced […]
  • Teacher, specialist in rock & pop techniques Hertfordshire
    I am a session, recording musician teacher who specialises in rock and pop sound techniques and soloing but I cover all genres and styles. 07913 661051
  • Teacher in East London
    A lifetime passion for music to be transmitted to my students "Like a child with a pencil can make a drawing, it is my opinion that few notes are enough to start making music" More info on my website
  • Teacher in Greenock / Port Glasgow / Paisley areas?
    Please can anyone recommend a teacher in the scenic but saxophonic wasteland 'doon the watter' to the west of Glasgow. The local music shop tells me the one and only sax teacher in the area died a few years ago. (Bands also appear thin on the ground. I blame the bagpipes)
  • London, Carshalton area - Any local tutor?
    Hi, I am just starting on the alto and I was looking for a few lessons with a tutor to set me on the right path with the embochure and the basics. Unfortunately I cannot afford regular lessons, as I already spend a lot on lessons for my child, but I guess a few lessons, […]
Find a Saxophone Teacher
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