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  • Marc Jean Ligatures
    Today I took delivery of my new Jean Marc soprano sax ligature, and have just been giving it a play with my usual set up of BW Bronze Curvie, Berg Larsen 70/1 ebonite and Marca 2.5 reeds. Having focussed a lot on soprano over the last few weeks, and preferring the sound of my Selmer […]
  • Yamaha YDS-150 Digital Instrument in a Sax-like Body
    There have been plenty of demos and discussions about this, and much of the discussion has been negative. I do not consider this a saxophone at all, any more than my midi keyboard is a piano. Keep reading through, there are many comments and updated information. Nearly four months have passed since I got the […]
  • D'Addario Tenor Mouthpiece
    D'Addario finally released a tenor mouthpiece. After the excellent alto a couple of years ago (reviewed here), I was very curious about it. D'Addario UK kindly sent four mouthpiece for cafemembers to try. Thanks again Tom Note: D'Addario uses a different numbering system. D'Addario/thous/Otto Link: 6/100/7 7/105/7* 8/110/8 9/115/8* This gave me the rare opportunity […]
  • Best Brass E-Sax Mute
    I live in a flat, and would like to practise without disturbing anyone around me. For this reason, I have bought this mute. I am reviewing it here so that others can judge if it is worth getting one. The E-Sax Mute is made in Japan by Best Brass, who also make silent practice systems […]
  • About the Review Section
    Please note we are currently not taking new reviews while this section is being revamped. Please contact us if you are interested in writing reviews
  • Jupiter Carnegie XL
    So, this model came into my shop as part of a buy-trade. I am usually interested in Jupiters above their old 5XX series horns because I have found most of them to actually be very respectable, and they continue to go completely ignored on the used market. Also, because (admittedly) I am always interested in […]
  • Keilwerth ST90 - Another student model worthy of consideration
    So I have been curious about these for a while, never really took the chance on buying a fixer and seeing what they were all about. Fairly ubiquitous on the eFlay US market, and they tend to go fairly cheap on auction. Ultimately, I didn't have to buy one...a repeat customer of mine won one […]
  • Review - Syos 3D printed mouthpieces and ligatures
    First thing to say is I have been playing alto 2 years 8 months and soprano, a year and a half. My alto is a Yamaha YAS-480 and the Yamaha 4C mouthpiece came with it. Like many "serious" beginners, I got the itch to try other mouthpieces and see what they were like. The first […]
  • Jazzlab saxholder
    I mentioned in some other strap reviews that the important thing to help your poor old neck is the area of the strap in contact with your neck. Well, with the saxholder, nothing comes in contact with your neck. In fact this is not really a strap, it's more of a, well, sax holder. As […]
  • Saxmute One tenor saxophone mute review
    Hello, Here is my full review of the new Saxmute One for sax tenor. Playing sax can be problematic related to neighbourgs tolerance. It’s a loud instrument, and us players have to practice a lot, many hours per day everyday to have good skills. Some appartments don’t even allow to play pianissimo, everybody will hear […]
  • K&M 10810 Music Stand
    After a few cheap and cheerful music stands fell apart on me I decided it was time to get something a little more robust. Looking around during my band rehearsals I noticed that although a few people were making do with the cheap flimsy stands most had opted for or a more substantial stand with […]


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