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Here are a few of the strange and unusual instruments and accessories I have collected over the years. Some sound great, others not so. Maybe I’ll record some soundclips one day…

Couesnon Saxie

This is Couesnon’s answer to the Clarosax. Very rare instrument, only 4 or 5 were made

Couesnon Saxie

Conn Clar-O-Sax – “A real musical instrument, not a toy”

A few people might dispute that marketing statement as there appear to be no known recordings of any band featuring one of these. Perhaps I will have to remedy that situation.

This one is now for sale

Conn Clar-O-Sax

Grafton Acrylic Alto

My first saxophone was a Grafton and I still have one today which I use from time to time, including on the track Slinky from Midnight in the Naked City. See the videoin which I alternate between the Grafton and a Buescher 400:


The Betcha Plastic Reed

– possibly the first synthetic saxophone reed, circa 1950:

Vintage Pastic Reed

Vintage Synthetic Saxophone Reed

The Goofus:

Made famous by Adrian Rollini and the Goofus Five. As soon as I get this in working order I will do some recording.



Conn Multi÷vider

with Saxophone Mouthpieces, clarinet barrel and flute endstop

Conn Multivider


Casio Digital Horn:

This cost £110 back in the 80s. I’m waiting for it to become a collectors’ item as it looks so cool, but these days they can be had on ebay for about £110.

casio Digital Horn


Maccaferri nylon tenor saxophone mouthpiece:

Maccaferri mouthpiece

Maccaferri mouthpiece

Walton adjustable mouthpiece


Walton mouthpiece

This looks quite normal until you look inside. It comes complete with a set of 5 different size baffles which can be screwed in and out for a brighter or warmer sound.

Walton mouthpiece


Conn tenor mouthpiece with tuning adjuster

Conn altos of the time had tuners on the neck, the tenors did not but this mouthpiece has a tuning device.

Conn mouthpiece


Henry Potter Fife

Potter Fife

More rare saxophones on the Instruments page


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