Instrument Petting Zoo

Here are a few of the strange and unusual instruments and accessories I have collected over the years. Some sound great, others not so. Maybe I’ll record some soundclips one day…

Grafton Acrylic Alto

My first saxophone was a Grafton and I still have one today which I use from time to time, including on the track Slinky from Midnight in the Naked City. See the videoin which I alternate between the Grafton and a Buescher 400:


The Betcha Plastic Reed

– possibly the first synthetic saxophone reed, circa 1950:

Vintage Pastic Reed

Vintage Synthetic Saxophone Reed

Casio Digital Horn:

This cost £110 back in the 80s. I’m waiting for it to become a collectors’ item as it looks so cool, but these days they can be had on ebay for about £110.

casio Digital Horn

Walton adjustable mouthpiece

Walton mouthpiece

This looks quite normal until you look inside. It comes complete with a set of 5 different size baffles which can be screwed in and out for a brighter or warmer sound.

Walton mouthpiece

Conn tenor mouthpiece with tuning adjuster

Conn altos of the time had tuners on the neck, the tenors did not but this mouthpiece has a tuning device.


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