Sax On The Web Blues

This was a project started a few years ago on the SaxOnTheWeb forum. Players were given a backing track and asked to play just one chorus of blues. These were then compiled and mixed into one soundfile.

This became so popular we then went on to rounds 2, 3, etc.

For more info see SOTW Blues Thread on Sax On The Web
To take part please contact Pete Thomas via PM at Sax On The Web.

SOTW Blues players:

Round 8: dexdex, mrpeebee, wsgoogoo, eldavo, Minous, Joseph5231, Wilbur Weltklang
Round 8
Round 7: Aussiesax69, mschaa, mojobari, SaxPunter, hgiles
Round 7
Round 6: wdflannery, rolltrane, Stormott77, motty, davecoldron
Round 6
Round 5: smoothjazztenor, Rufusax, jmoen3, crazydaisydoo, tjontheroad
Round 5
Round 4: wisedude, KennyD, clarnibass, swansong, Dan Perez
Round 4
Round 3: fballatore, Mikalto, tanbark813, sactopete, The A Train
Round 3
Round 2: gsaxman100, Bill Mecca, harmonizerNJ, Fader, Redwood_Lenny, saxmanglen, 58tenor, Dave Wright, MartinMusicMan
Round 2
Round 1: Silvin, Perry, Milandro, Hakukani, Mope, Frank D, TJS, Al Stevens
Round 1


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