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  • Saxophone Maintenance

    Cleaning Inside the Body of the Saxophone 1. The Pull-Through (or “Swab”) Probably the most important part of general saxophone maintenance, this is a cloth attached to a piece of string with a small weight on the end. You can buy these or else make one yourself by attaching a weight to one end of a piece of string (or any type ... Read more…
  • Saxophone Repairs

    Leaks A leak happens when something on the saxophone such as pad closing is not an airtight seal. The symptoms are squeaking  or notes not sounding properly and generally a feeling of resistance. A good indication of a leaking saxophone is when you suddenly find you can no longer play a low note pianissimo. Leaks are commonly due to: The leather pads being ... Read more…
  • Leaking G#

    How to easily fix a very common problem. The G# on modern saxophones has quite a complex mechanism, and when it gets out of adjustment a leak can affect many of your low notes. The solution is often a very simple adjustment that all saxophone players need to know about. Read more…
  • Saxophone Material

    Science vs Common Sense Saxophones are mostly made from brass, which is an alloy mostly of copper and zinc. There are and have been slightly different combinations, and various other metals (e.g. lead) also included. Saxophones are also made from other materials, e.g. copper, bronze, silver and plastic. Various finishes are available: different types of lacquer and metal plating, e.g. silver, ... Read more…
  • Recording a Saxophone

    This article is based on my experience playing the saxophone on recording sessions, and also recording saxophones while working as a producer/sound engineer sometimes alongside some of the best sound engineers in the world in some top studios. These methods work for me and are based on a lot of trial and error as well as years and years of ... Read more…
  • Mixing Saxophone

    Who is this for and what do you need? This is for anyone who wants to make recordings of their playing (or singing) along with basic backing tracks. This isn’t meant to be an advanced or even complete tutorial on mixing, and I will be looking at a typical scenario: Backing tracks from an audio file (e.g. Aebersold) or self generated using ... Read more…
  • Adding Mass to improve Sound

    The Effect of mass on saxophone sound This experiment came about due to some recent speculation that adding mass to the saxophone will have an effect on the sound. Somebody somewhere (don’t ask me who) suggested that the neck brace on a Conn 10M was the ideal vehicle. You could add some weight there and adjust the position. We already know ... Read more…
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