PPT Baritone

As with the tenor mouthpiece, I was looking for something that doesn’t yet exist – a versatile mouthpiece for baritone sax that is capable of extreme dynamics from a gentle whisper to a gutsy roar. Up until now I used several baritone mouthpieces for different styles of playing: a Lawton, Berg Larsen, RPC and (my favourite) a vintage Otto Link Slant signature. I took inspiration from them all, but the new PPT is closest to the Slant signature. It is available in two different models, the “Power” and the “Signature”

PPT Tenor

PPT Tenor

My concept behind the sound is a mouthpiece that can deliver not only that very fat warm almost vintage sound, but also a more modern sound with nice sparkly edge, sometimes both at once. I was after a really versatile mouthpiece that could deliver lush subtone for vintage jazz as well as screaming harmonics for rock and R & B. I find that a lot of jazz mouthpieces are either too bright altogether (e.g. Vandoren Jumbo Java) or too warm (Otto Link), or else they really need to be pushed too much to get some edge.

PPT Alto

Due to overwhelming demand we have now introduced the PPT alto mouthpiece. This is not just a scaled down version of the tenor, the concept is slightly different. My inspiration for these includes the Brilhart Tonalin and Meyer Bros. New York

PPT Soprano

As with the tenor and baritone mouthpieces, my reason for developing the PPT soprano saxophone mouthpiece is not commercial, I just wanted to get the best soprano mouthpiece for my own needs. I had been using a vintage Selmer Soloist which I really enjoyed, but it did not quite have the rich darkness that I love so much about a soprano tone, so, using that as an initial inspiration, I developed the PPT soprano mouthpiece. Above all I wanted to get a smooth, sweet but powerful tone, without any of the nasal “ducky” sound so often associated with the soprano saxophone.

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