The chords here should be familiar, they are the same as our Practical Impro Exercise.







This is a simple ska tune, you can take a few liberties with the phrasing of this, add some effects such as note bending or growling.

Use the “Gorilla” slider on the previous page to see how the chords relate to the key scale:

Gorilla (Full Version)

Gorilla Playalong)


(Key scale D minor)

Gorilla growl alto

Chord chart

Gorilla growl alto chords


(Key scale G minor)

Gorilla growl tenor

Chord chart

Gorilla growl tenor chords

The “Gorilla” chord sliders

The impro exercises on the next page and the tune Gorilla are based around the same three minor chords. These are derived from the key scale of D minor (alto) or G minor (tenor).

These sliders show you the relationship between the three different chords and the key scale so you can easily see which notes of the scale relate to the notes of each chord.

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