The Saints

Oh When the Saints Go Marching In is a famous tune everybody must know and is ideal for that moment when you are asked “come on, play us a tune then!”

Eveyone knows this tunes, especially if you support any of the many sports teams that go by the name The Saints (e.g. Football teans Southampton FC & New Orleans).

I have simplified this version in some respects. Very often the IV chord at bar 11 changes to a minor. In this version, which as a New Orleans rock and roll feel, that chord stays as a major chord. It can work well to strive for a raucous edgy tone, add some vibrato or growl as an effect and to “push the beat,” which means sometimes playing very slightly ahead of the actual beat.

However in the example solo we have also added something new: blue notes. You will notice some G#s and Abs. These sound as the same note of course, but are written differently to make them easier to read in different contexts (often G# ascending and Ab descending)

There will be more about this when we look at some 12 bar blues tunes. In practical terms, it means we can flatten certain notes, often called blue notes. In this case we are flattening the 3rd of the key scale (which is the same as 7th of chord IV).

Saints (alto)

Saints (tenor)

Saints Playalong

The Saints Alto

Saints alto


The Saints Chords alto

The Saints Tenor

The Saints tenor


Saints Chords tenor

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