Ooh Ah Ooh (2 Chords)

This tune is a typical two chord tune that uses chord I and V7 in a short 8 bar sequence. This is a common form which you can hear in songs such as All About That Bass, Jambalaya, Iko Iko, Sea Cruise and many others.

This has a very slightly different format as it starts on the V7 chord. This is a great way to get used to playing a very important chord change from V7 to I. In music theory this is called a perfect cadence, you can think of it like the returning home part of a journey. We know that we can think of the I or tonic chord of a key as “home”. Various other chords can feel like we are away on a journey, but the V7 can specifically make us feel like we are a bit homesick and need to get home. Listen to the tune first and you will here what we mean by this.

You can have a lot of fun with this – there is a two bar break which you can fill however you like. There is no backing to this bit apart from a quiet count to help you keep time so experiment in the breaks as whatever you play can’t clash and sound wrong against the backing.

As always, first of all familiarise yourself with the main chord tones. As this is a very simple tune, the I chord works well as a triad, but there is no harm in considering the 6th or major 7th as chord tones.

As well as a melodic improvised solo, it is a good idea to practise playing riffs. Included is an example of riffing over the sequence. Not that riffs can either follow the chord root exactly or repeat but with slightly different notes to fit the chords. See blues riffs and licks

Ooh Ah Ooh Example Solo – Alto

Ooh Ah Ooh Example Solo – Tenor

Ooh Ah Ooh Playalong


Ooh Ah Ooh alto


Ooh Ah Ooh tenor

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