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A very lively international forum where saxophone players come to meet and greet, ask questions, give advice, have a laugh. If there is anything you can’t find out about here, then somebody in the Café is bound to know the answer or point you in the right direction.

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  • In a dilemma on a new saxophone...
    So I've recently come across Trevor James (TJ) saxophones (yes, so late, I know! In Singapore, we have very limited choices due to the 'un'popularity of saxophone players, we're a scarcity. So TJ hasn't been popular and I've never seen it till they brought it in and my saxophone teacher recommended I try them) So […]
  • Trying clarinet again -- not going well
    I dug out my old Hanson clarinet as my sax has gone in for a service/repair and I remembered why I didn't played it much the first time I tried. I don't know if it's me or the instrument but crossing the break is a nightmare and if I start in the upper register it […]
  • Custom-fit ear plugs
    I play in a symphonic wind band and in rehearsals I am in front of the drum-kit, timps, mallet percussion, and 9 trombones... This gets to be VERY loud. I have an app on my phone which has a sound pressure meter on it and I regularly get 95db - I don't know what the […]
  • Latest Acquisition
    My latest Instrument. Fender Stratocaster candy apple red. picture's below show the guitar and the aerophone AE-10. The aerophone and guitar connect to the Cube amp, wireless using the Line6 Relay G10 the 1/4" adapter for the wireless can be seen in the picture of the aerophone. First tune getting to grips with is Sleepwalk […]
  • The Key of a backing track?
    OK, so when looking for backing tracks, particularly on youtube but also other places, how does one know the key the track is being played in. When I see something for the tenor sax where the notation (dots/chord changes) is in D then I know I want a backing track in concert C and vice […]
  • Joke of the day.................
    A doctor in Dublin wanted to get off work and go fishing, so he approached his assistant. "Murphy, I am going fishing tomorrow and don't want to close the clinic. I want you to take care of the clinic and take care of all me patients". > "Yes, sir!" answers Murphy. > The doctor goes […]
  • Yamaha custom yas82z
    I have a fantastic opportunity to own a brand new one and they only want £599. I am a bit suspicious but soooooo tempted
  • Alto Sax Harness for nine year old? Suggestions please 🙂
    Hi, As per introduction, I have a nine year old son that will start his Alto Sax lessons in September. As he is more Laurel than Hardy , if you get my drift, I believe a harness will be most suited for his physique. I have been looking at BG, Lebayle and Neotech harnesses and […]
  • Elkhart 100ss Saxophone
    Hi everyone! I've just bought my first saxophone - the Elkhart 100ss soprano saxophone, which looks beautiful, but i've read that the mouthpiece will be very cheap and in need of a higher quality replacement. I'm just curious (while i'm still within my 30 day money back guarantee) if it is worth me learning with […]
  • wah wah on Tenor
    Hi ! Who has experiance playing with wah wah sounds (pedal or touch wah)? I tried some different tools, but was'nt happy. I think the problem is, that it would not work well with microphone or clip mic but some pickup an the mouthpiece or on the sax neck. I saw some videos of Eddie […]
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