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A very lively international forum where saxophone players come to meet and greet, ask questions, give advice, have a laugh. If there is anything you can’t find out about here, then somebody in the Café is bound to know the answer or point you in the right direction.

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  • Alto sax fell and D now plays an octave higher
    I'm sorry if this has been discussed exhaustively on the forum but "search" has not brought anything up to help me. My saxophone hook slipped from the ring somehow while I was playing and I grabbed at it quickly before it fell with full force to the floor. However now my D and below all […]
  • Can anyone help me with identifying of sax?
    Hi, my roommate came with this sax i try to find the carving (Tosca) on internet but can't find anything, sax don't have any other emblem, only s.n., so i would like to know if it has some value and who made it or something more about it ☺️... Thanks
  • Replacement mains lead
    Hi all I use JTS wireless sax mic UR816D and the mains lead needs to be replaced, I've tried to find a replacement online without success, just wondering if anyone know what generic replacement mains lead I could use?
  • Responsiveness - what is it?
    Hi! I run across the term "responsive" here and there but am not sure what it means. Motivation and background, in case it helps. I want to be able to communicate better with other players and clerks in sax shops, The background is I was having trouble with drops from, oh, middle A to low […]
  • Absolute Beginner
    Hi everyone, I'm from Ringwood, in the New Forest, UK, and I have just started playing the saxophone. It's been on my goal list for years (ever since I saw Saxa playing with ska band The Beat in about 1980), and finally this week I took a taster lesson, then bought myself an Alto Sax.. […]
  • Vandoren reeds, are they stiffer than other brands?
    needed some new clarinet reeds and for a change I thought I'd try some vandoren traditional out (I've been using rico royal since I got the clarinet as they were what JP sold me when I got it, always been happy).. Finally got round to putting on the reeds this evening and wow, could only […]
  • High F on Soprano Saxophone
    Hi, im having trouble getting the high F to play on my soprano saxophone, i have yanagisawa s902 bronze. I can hit the high F when playing up the scale to it, but i struggle to play the high F as a starting note, what tips can you give to play the high f straight […]
  • price difference.
    Hi all. I am using teh Yamaha YAS-280 Sax, and whilst I'm a complete beginner I love it and think it looks excellent as all seem to. I was wondering what more expensive/expert saxophones do that cheaper/beginner ones don't. Cheers Marty
  • John Packer JP245
    Hey guys I've just bought my first sax am sooooo excited I'm a string player and know nothing about saxes apart from research online and asking a couple of friends who play professionally I've just bought a JP245 for £179 second hand new £699 can I buy a brand new YAS4c mouthpiece on it . […]
  • musical fun...

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