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A very lively international forum where saxophone players come to meet and greet, ask questions, give advice, have a laugh. If there is anything you can’t find out about here, then somebody in the Café is bound to know the answer or point you in the right direction.

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  • "Minimum" tools a technician may use
    Hello everyone, For my birthday early next month, I am considering purchasing a beat up sax off of eBay or the likes and using it as a learning device to further my potential journey into musicianship and/or either way do something cool (and get a sax out of the deal). I know this has been […]
  • World Cup 2018
    What, no thread yet on the World Cup !! ?? What do we think of it so far ? Who's doing well, who will win, what about VAR ? What about all the play acting and time wasting ? Best goal so far ? Our big band rehearses on Thursday evenings and next week that […]
  • Hello from London
    Hi everyone - I have been playing the tenor saxophone since last August after making a big decision to park my plucking and focus on the blowing! I have been getting good feedback on my flute playing at Jazz workshops and Blues weekend camps - which is more than can be said about my guitar […]
  • Would you expect this to improve the sound?
    Hi everyone - earlier today, I was going through my practice routine. I had done some long tones, and started my scales, so altogether I had been playing about 15 minutes. Then my daughter called me, and I had to stop to help her with a problem. So 15 minutes later when I went back […]
  • Sam's Dad showing off
    Confession: this is Sam's Dad (he's 12). And I'll be in trouble with him for posting this on his account.... He's raising money for a better sax, and has his eye on a Yanagisawa. So I took him out busking in Bath. He did, er.... let's say "rather well". Video attached. Sorry - I'm an […]
  • Fibracell
    I have just received a Fibracell Alto 3, I usually use some sort of Rico 3, it's more responsive than any other Reed I have ever used, it's giving me a nice bottom end but the high notes are a bit wavy, out of tune and a soulless. Is this indiciitave of Synthetics, I'm thinking […]
  • Eastman Sax Project
    My band director was (as you maight infer) directing the sax quartet I assembled at school (nobody else wants to pratice together now that its summer, but whatever), and a disscusion on tuning came up. To help explain teh importance of tunig in chords and whatnot, he used the song "Sleep" by Eiric Whitacre as […]
  • Places to Go in Amsterdam
    My wife and I are planning a trip to Amsterdam in the next few months. Any tips on good places to go, things to do (probably including jazz venues, saxophone shops, places to eat, maybe places to stay) and how to get around ? Rhys
  • About chords and melody
    Hi all, I've got a question that I can't find the answer to anywhere because I don't really know how to phrase the question (I always have this problem when it comes to theory)-and everyone on here probably won't know what I'm on about either but I'll try and when I used to play […]
  • Mi-bemol Saxophone Ensemble
    Here is a recording of the Largo from New World Symphony but the same ensemble have several more on You Tube, I am not a classical music fan but I thoroughly enjoyed them.

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