Cafe Saxophone

Cafe Saxophone

A very lively international forum where saxophone players come to meet and greet, ask questions, give advice, have a laugh. If there is anything you can’t find out about here, then somebody in the Café is bound to know the answer or point you in the right direction.

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  • Beginner Intonation
    As a re-beginner I am starting out (4 or 5 days now) focusing on building my embouchure by playing long tones while trying for constant loudness and intonation. So far intonation is a real challenge. (duh) My first question is: Is repeatable/intentional and steady intonation (not drifting in and out of tune/pitch) a function of […]
  • printer recommendation needed
    I'm having problems with my old HP printer. I need to replace it. Can anyone recommend a good reliable inkjet for printing - mainly music parts. Not interested in glossy photos or anything. Non of the printers seem to get really excellent reviews. thanks!
  • Stuffy alto
    I had an alto in to look at. It was a spare, not played for years, and not playing well. Why the neck screw was not sealing the socket was an easy fix - the screw was in the wrong end. The lower pads all had massive leaks - which were easy to sort out. […]
  • Jean Marc ligature
    Interested in trying one of these. Cannot find anything on internet apart from old posts. Are they still there, and if so where, or have they gone out of business.
  • Green Hard Rubber mouthpiece
    I have an oldish hard rubber Otto Link Tone Edge 6* which is now virtually olive green. Does anyone have any magical tricks to enable me to restore it to its former black ? It still plays well, but looks a bit weird.
  • Potential saxophonist??
    I have been an oboist for about 40 years, strictly amateur, and also play co anglais. I have recently inherited a little money and have been wondering about trying the saxophone, but know next to nothing about it and would like advice. I would prefer to avoid an "oboe-sound" because I can do that on […]
  • What have you been offered while busking?
    Hi all you sax pots. Apart from some cash (if you're lucky) and some advice (if you're not) what unusual things have you been offered while busking? I had a fab experience yesterday while I was out busking. I had started recording a VLOG of my experiences, and I'm really pleased I did, as I […]
  • Moved from As new Black 901b Yanigasawa Soprano sax..
    I will agree... Yanagisawa sopranos are amazing... I traded two young children, one grandmother, and a new Rolex for a Yanagisawa.. Love it.
  • Roy Benson curved soprano sax
    In new condition, two mpcs and Rovner lig and strap. These are fabulous vale and are about £600 new. I have had this from new and have not played it for a couple of years. Can ship, comes in semi rigid back packer case
  • Legere signature tenor (again!)
    After playing Legere studio for several years now this morning I found a Legere signature I bought years ago that I remember I quite liked at the time but couldn’t stop it chirping, weather that was the reed or pilot error I have no idea. So anyway i strap this thing on my Lawton and […]

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