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Hanson LX vs ST8
Hanson LX tenor
Keilwerth ST90 Alto
Keilwerth ST90 bell
Jupiter Carnegie XL tenor
Jupiter Carnegie XL tenor bell

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    • Who's Afraid Of John Coltrane? February 26, 2024
      The subject of Coltrane comes up on here every so often, so I thought it best to provide a place to air those opinions instead of us cluttering up other folks threads.. This is purely my own idiosyncratic viewpoint, I'm not trying to be populist here and give you a general introduction to his music, […]
    • Case refurbishment October 13, 2023
      I did this case renovation a while back. A few pictures posted here and there but nothing of the complete build. Sometimes there are no options for a aftermarket replacement case. So this is what happens when you try to restore what you have. It’s very time consuming but in this case (pun intended )worth […]
    • Martin Indiana Saxophones - History and Models August 3, 2023
      Martin Indiana Saxophones Part 1 - The Indiana Band Instrument Company I have been trying to learn more about Martin Indiana saxophones recently. The Indiana was the brand name for Martin’s second-line instruments. I thought I would write down what I have found out. None of this information is new or original - I’m just […]
    • Teaching saxophone: too much jazz of the 50s? July 30, 2023
      I was going to put this in the current thread Help with the next step please, but this some how grew into something that should have its own thread I think. This is one of those things that crop up from time to time in various discussions My take is that it is now inevitable […]
    • Selmer England Tenor Mouthpiece May 16, 2023
      In my collection, I have a tenor piece by Selmer, not the usual French made, but one made in England... There's very little on the web about them. What there is suggests they weren't interesting to play (I'm pretty sure Mr Wyver would describe this as the dullest piece he's played). I was discussing it […]
    • Low notes and Leaking G# issue April 18, 2023
      Problems with leaky low notes? The issue is very often your G#​The G# on modern saxophones has quite a complex mechanism. All saxophone players need to know about adjusting the tabbed/articulated G# as it is one of the most common, and yet easily fixable, causes of leaks. The first thing we need to know is […]
    • So you want to join a band... and why you should February 20, 2023
      So, you want to play in a band… and why you should One of the best things that you can do as a musician – whether you are very experienced or an absolute beginner – is to play together with other people. There are many reasons why you should do it. Unfortunately, too many people […]
    • Grassi Saxophones October 19, 2022
      Foreword This guide was compiled mostly out of personal curiosity on these saxes and hopefully it will also serve to all those trying to identify the different models produced by this famous Italian manufacturer. It is somewhat peculiar that although Grassi was one of the largest producers of wind instruments in Italy, very little is […]
    • Loads More Articles at Taming The Saxophone June 2, 2022
      As well as the articles here we have many many more articles and tutorials at our other site, Taming The Saxophone. Blues Jazz Impro Transcriptions Playalongs Mouthpieces Technical
    • A Broad Look at Beginners' Issues May 12, 2022
      When you buy, borrow or hire your first saxophone without any experience to speak of it typically throws up a few challenges over the coming months. High ranking on the list are squeaks or the inability to produce certain notes. It's probably much less common to be lucky enough to have avoided these genuine issues […]


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